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MediaSpace by Kaltura (TM)

What is Kaltura MediaSpace?

Kaltura MediaSpace™ video portal allows users to securely create, manage, share, browse, and watch live and on-demand videos, presentations, webcasts, and other rich media content. The platform revolutionizes the process of video creation and publishing encourages community, collaboration, learning, and social activities through online video. 

What does it look like?

MediaSpace provides a cross-device user experience, user engagement capabilities, and control and governance tools. It also includes social features (e.g., users can like, comment on, and share videos). Easily publish high-quality video content with minimal setup, or empower communities to upload and manage media independently.

  • Kaltura Interactive Quizzing
    Create interactive video quizzes to increase engagement, enable measurement, and improve learning outcomes.
  • Kaltura Corporate Tube
    Use Kaltura’s CorporateTube video portal for communication, collaboration, employee training, and more.
  • Kaltura MediaSpace Overview
    Create interactive video quizzes to increase engagement, enable measurement, and improve learning outcomes.

How does Kaltura work with Watershed?

Kaltura MediaSpace natively supports xAPI, which enables an easy connection to a Watershed endpoint while Kaltura provides data points—such as logins, likes, comments, video plays, and video progress. Learn more about how Kaltura MediaSpace and Watershed work together by visiting our help section.

What kind of reports will I have access to?

Kaltura data works great in bar charts, heatmaps, and leaderboards that compare videos, categories, and users by usage levels in terms of logins, likes, video progress, and comments. The same data can be used in line charts to show usage over time for a user, video, category, or your whole platform. 

Kaltura data also can be used in other reports when combined with other data. For example, watching or commenting on a video might form one milestone in a tracked learning program that combines elements from several platforms. Or, you might combine Kaltura data with performance data to compare the performance of people who watched the entire with those who didn’t complete the video.