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What is xapiapps?

xapiapps is the quickest way to create measurable learning experiences. With a vast collection of apps, xapiapps lets you launch and track e-learning developed in your favorite authoring tools, allows supervisors to do on-the-job skill assessments, and guides coaches and employees through important conversations, just to name a few.

What does it look like?

With a few clicks, you can easily install the apps you need for your learning program. xapiapps' Learning Experience Builder uses drag and drop features to create adaptive experiences that adjust to the needs of learners and your organization.

  • xapiapps Platform
    The Adaptive Learning Experience Builder is built from all your favorite authoring tools, video launchers, presentation software and much more. Get started in minutes!
  • xapiapps mobile learning platform
    xapiapps works with your favorite authoring tools, video launchers, and in-built observation and coaching apps. 
  • xapiapps learning profile
    xapiapps offers a simple and clean learner interface.
  • xapi-apps-composite-coach-app.jpg
    Change the way your leaders coach staff. Let every employee get the support they need to reach the next level with the xapiapps coach app.

How does xapiapps work with Watershed?

Thanks to the native xAPI support in xapiapps, it’s easy to connect to Watershed through the Watershed app. A unique value of using Watershed and xapiapps together is the ability to track and record in-person experiences, such as job observations and in-person coaching.

What kind of reports will I have access to?

Every Watershed report supports xapiapps data—with the most popular cards being the Leaderboard card, Activity Detail card, and Correlation card. To see a real-life example of xapiapps and Watershed in action, read our MedStar client story.